The PER model®
received the 2022 Alzheimer Life Scholarship

Support for those affected by Alzheimer’s and their relatives is the focus of the PER model, involving researchers from Mid Sweden University. This week, the work was honored with the 2022 Alzheimer Life Scholarship of 100,000 SEK.

The PER model® was developed by Pär Hägglund, head of the social services department in Härnösand municipality, together with Annika Kjällman Alm, a lecturer at the Department of Health Sciences at Mid Sweden University.
Pär received the award from Queen Silvia at Drottningholm Palace Theatre on September 6. The scholarship amounts to 100,000 SEK and is managed by the Alzheimer Foundation.

The “Support in Dementia” project has been linked to the PER model® to further develop and strengthen the evidence around the model. The project is part of Mid Sweden University’s new program “Future Welfare: Care and School” within the focus area of Good and Close Care.
With the scholarship sum, Pär Hägglund and Annika Kjällman Alm will lecture around Sweden on the successful support model. The PER model aims to provide support to patients in the early stages to delay the patient’s move to specialized housing.
The model offers broad support to patients with various forms of cognitive disease already four weeks after diagnosis.

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